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Philippine Pitbull Club History

Philippine Pitbull Club History

Year 1999 witnessed the birth of a different pitbull organization in the Philippines. Back then, it is the only existing club which aimed to promote and uphold the better side of the breed.

Amidst the controversies hanging up the tail of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed, three pitbull owners from Pasig City: Dr. Jay Geronimo, Mr. Regie Policarpio and Mr. Rev Lobarbio founded the PHILIPPINE PITBULL CLUB.

Since then, it flourished a fresh and better image of the breed, with which mistakenly branded worldwide as being "vicious" and "unacceptable".

Hooking up the label "Philippines" in the organization's official name set the goal for an unlimited growth not only within the Metropolis but also envisioned a nationwide campaign to show off the beauty and tenacity of a pitbull.

The first core group includes Dr. Geronimo, Mr. Reggie Policarpio, Mr. Rev Lobarbio, Mr. Bong Masangkay, Mr. Lem Deprosa, Mr. Ronald Tebilin, Mr. Leo Refuerso and Mr. James Enriquez.

Thereafter, more people fell in love with breed. Pinoys, with all gladness, embrace and welcome the new member of their family.

The 15th day of April year 2000 was the first historical Pitbull Dog Show in the country held at Rainforest Park, Pasig City.

From then on, pitbull fanciers around the nation grew interestingly with an unrelenting support for the first and original pitbull club.

Now, more than a club, it became a family. A big and happy FAMILY.

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