Friday, May 21, 2010

memoirs of a pitbullero

back in 2003, it's still fresh on my memory the line from a friend to convince me on shifting from large breed dogs to pitbull.. "pare, mag pitbull ka na lang. hindi mo pag sisihan." after that day i thought that i should give it a try. after a few weeks, i bought my first pitbull pup. i named him spike. but unfortunately. he got hit by parvo virus. after 3 days he passed away. i felt sad cause of that incident. after a few weeks, i bought another pitbull pup and named her jamie. jamie showed me how different pitbull is among other breeds. jamie grew to be a fine bitch. jamie and i joined many dog shows. the most memorable one is in rizal where she won best female puppy. i bred her twice. but unfortunately i haven't seen any of her off springs. from then on i became an active member of Philippine Pitbull Club. i became the president of our chapter here in nueva ecija. i was lucky at that time coz i have dedicated members and mentors who supported me through the years. the pitbull scene at that time is in its highest peak. almost everyone owns a pitbull at that time. dog shows during those days get 30 to 40 entries per show. unlike now. dog show participants are not that many.

in the year 2007 my studies became my first priority. i layed low in the club. but i still browse the net from time to time to update on what is happening in the pitbull community. I'm a hypocrite if i didn't say that i haven't seen a dog fight. i was curious at that time on how this works. I've been to a convention twice. but i only watched the fights. and for me, it is so inhumane.

then in 2009, I decided to come back to the club. i talked to doc jay that i wanted to revive PPC - Nueva Ecija Chapter. I'm the only one that is active right now in our chapter. Doc jay asked me if I am willing to become an officer of PPC main. and I agreed. right now it is my second term as P.R.O. in PPC main. I know that I had shortcomings on the club but I try to make up on dog shows and by promoting the club.

through the year's that have passed. i always treasure the memories i had with ppc. ppc helped me development my personality and boost my confidence. i met new friends, and gained knowledge from the club.

I am a proud member of Philippine Pitbull Club...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PPC one Dekada part 1

It's been 10 years since PPC started. I can still remember the first dog show that we attended. There I met Doc. jay, one of the founders of the club. Also I met jojo (ryback) jay (ninja) and the rest of ruthless kennels. The first PPC member that I spoke to was buboy of Danger Zone Kennels. The venue was a basketball court somewhere in pasig. i forgot the venue. By that time PPC have many events for our beloved dogs. We have Weight Pulling, Hang Time, Buko Shredding, and of course the show proper, in which different kennel groups show case their best dogs to capture the Best in Show title. That’s also the first time that I saw Janel’s AJ gotty and ADB Gr. Ch. Caishot . Dog shows that time we’re held in different provinces. Every Sunday of the week there is a scheduled dog show. I can still remember during December shows. There are celebrities during shows. As years go by, program of PPC evolved. There are shows which in all breed fun match are included. And also dog obedience. Not only PPC evolved. But also our beloved breed. Then came the bullies. A bigger type of APBT which surpasses it original terrier features.
Through the years, PPC gained loyal members and also haters. Some also founded clubs which is similar to PPC. Some of them disappeared. And some are still in the scene. But regardless how many clubs were established. PPC remained the country’s leading club.

For the past ten years, PPC promoted our beloved breed without asking anything in return. Our support in the club is more than enough to repay the hardships by the officers. PPC do this not for monetary gain, not for fame, but for the love of the breed.

PPC is here to stay for more decades. Willing to help every pitbulleros in the Philippines.

"No doubt the first, No doubt the best!"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vision and Mission Statement

The Philippine Pitbull Club (PPC) was first established December 1999 in Pasig City by a group of friends who are dog breeders and lovers of Pitbull.

The PPC is a professional organization dedicated in maintaining and preserving the wonderful characteristics of the versatile dog breed--the Pitbull.

The PPC envisions itself to be a world-class club, actively leading in the arena of pitbull terrier dog development and dog transformation through excellence in teaching, research and community service.

The PPC will serve as resource for pitbull terrier dog conformation, dog shows and the like. Guided by loyal friends and members, PPC is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and appreciation to the art of the pitbull dog culture.

The PPC commits itself to pursue relevant and responsive information dissemination programs, research and extensive services.

It also aims to tackle further and foster the nurturing deep relations between pets and their respective owners.

PBKC who?

From Pj Ajero

I jaz wanna share an excerpt from PPC's history I wrote.

"..But a type of APBT has evolved into a more bulldog look surpassing its original terrier features.
Thanks to the Science of Genetics, and the fascination of breeders in the United States, the APBT extended its remarkable traits and physical features and gave birth to a bullier APBT now known as the American Bullies.

To cater the fast growing fascination on American Bullies, in 2005, PPC’s then president, Dr. Jay Geronimo, started a small group of American Bully owners to promote and preserve this type of APBT which was a recipient of negative critics from the purists. Eventually, the group was modified to become an extension of PPC and thus, the creation of the Philippine Bully Kennel Club (PBKC), the original home of the bullies with the purpose of holding and organizing bully shows.

The first group of officers pioneering PBKC was Dr. Edward Menor as President; Mr. Marvin Bannas and Mr. Richard Lopez working as Internal and External Vice Presidents respectively; Mr. Peter John Ajero, as Secretary; Mr. Sherwin Caraan, Treasurer, Mr. Arnold Dela Chica, as PRO.

PBKC was also supported by Pinoy friends and breeders from the United States such as Mr. Arlon Dexter Berberabe (ADB Kennels, Las Vegas), Jim and Hannah Aba (Toy Soldiers Kennels, Chicago)..."

I remember noong panahon ang daming galit sa bullies kesyo di daw pitbull, mixed daw ng english bulldog, wala daw leeg, sobrang taba, easty westy, prone sa heat stroke, etc..hehehe! Noong panahon na yun PPC crew lang ang totoong nagmahal at nagpromote ng bullies. Look at everyone now..BULLY lovers.

Thanks PPC and PBKC, you provided a home for the likes of Makaha, Caishot, Scar, Bandit, Hummer, Wrench, Aj Gotti back then. Recognizing the past will bring a brighter future for the bullies.

Philippine Pitbull Club History

Philippine Pitbull Club History

Year 1999 witnessed the birth of a different pitbull organization in the Philippines. Back then, it is the only existing club which aimed to promote and uphold the better side of the breed.

Amidst the controversies hanging up the tail of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed, three pitbull owners from Pasig City: Dr. Jay Geronimo, Mr. Regie Policarpio and Mr. Rev Lobarbio founded the PHILIPPINE PITBULL CLUB.

Since then, it flourished a fresh and better image of the breed, with which mistakenly branded worldwide as being "vicious" and "unacceptable".

Hooking up the label "Philippines" in the organization's official name set the goal for an unlimited growth not only within the Metropolis but also envisioned a nationwide campaign to show off the beauty and tenacity of a pitbull.

The first core group includes Dr. Geronimo, Mr. Reggie Policarpio, Mr. Rev Lobarbio, Mr. Bong Masangkay, Mr. Lem Deprosa, Mr. Ronald Tebilin, Mr. Leo Refuerso and Mr. James Enriquez.

Thereafter, more people fell in love with breed. Pinoys, with all gladness, embrace and welcome the new member of their family.

The 15th day of April year 2000 was the first historical Pitbull Dog Show in the country held at Rainforest Park, Pasig City.

From then on, pitbull fanciers around the nation grew interestingly with an unrelenting support for the first and original pitbull club.

Now, more than a club, it became a family. A big and happy FAMILY.